AOL Sportsblog put up a post yesterday morning to discuss the trial of Tammy Thomas, the first athlete to go to trial with respect to perjury committed during the federal BALCO investigation. The post quotes a San Francisco Chronicle article that details the strange effects that steroids had on Thomas, an Olympic cyclist:

Thomas seemed to be in the midst of shaving her face when an Olympic drug tester paid her an unannounced visit. …

Prosecutors have called Thomas a “hard-core” steroid user who underwent a physical transformation while using banned drugs. On Monday, a Colorado endocrinologist who examined Thomas in 2000 said the cyclist’s use of the steroid depo-testosterone had caused “severe virilization.”

Thomas had a deep voice, full beard, chest hair and even signs of male pattern baldness, Dr. Margaret Weirman testified.

Oh, come on. That smacks of bullshit. I mean, look at her coming out of court yesterday. She looks fine. She’s no supermodel, but let’s be fair, shall we?

That’s not what she used to look like? Well, I certainly can’t see it being that different, because…


Well then, forget what I said.