Sure, it starts off with a Daisy air rifle, but as sure as a man’s haircut should be a flat-topped buzz-cut, he’ll turn you into a total remorseless killing machine. No need for enlistment in the U.S. military — Mr. Unitas will prepare you to kill any flavour-of-the-month foreigner who dares to challenge the might and right of American hegemony.


Johnny Unitas, the legendary Colts QB, isn’t wasting time teaching young Kenneth Unitas about football. Who needs a Todd Marinovich-esque burnout for a son when you could have a Daisy-firing sniper? Unitas is right — firearms install a sense of responsibility and confidence in a boy…oh, and also the desire to shoot a communist’s eye out at 300 yards.

“I like shooting with him simply because it gives us an opportunity to spend some time together.” Truer and wiser words have never been spoken. We are all looking for hobbies that will give us the chance to spend quality bonding time with our fathers. It’s great to have a common interest, something that allows for togetherness and the tender but rugged interaction that makes families strong. If you happen to find that link, that elusive hobby in common, you are both incredibly lucky. I’ve been blessed myself. Since I joined the Klan, things between my Dad and me have never been better. Once you’ve nailed the first burning cross in the lawn of a neighbour with the help of your own flesh and blood, there is a connection that just cannot be broken.

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