So the Cavs think Ben Wallace has got something left in the tank? Good luck to them. The Hornets think Bonzi Wells’ self-destructive tendencies have cleared themselves up?  Who cares? 

Not the Raptors: they’ve got playoffs on their mind, and they’re not going to let anything get in the way.  That’s why they went out and got 7-footer Primoz Brezec at the trade deadline.

Pictured: Primoz Brezec (file photo: Awkwardly Large Parents Daily)

While news of this blockbuster trade went relatively unnoticed in NBA circles, people in Toronto are keenly aware of what this means for an optomistic Raptors team.  That’s right, fans: There’s still hope for an all-Slovenian frontcourt!!!!!

 Rasho!!! Primoz!!! Uros!!! Unite!!!!  Draw charge!! Clog Lane!!!