…and it’s not Lawrence Phillips. Yeah, we’re as surprised as you are. Details here. Looks like the former player, Constantin “Big Gus” Alevizos, was connected to organized crime. Understandable, given average CFL salaries. It’s usually: 1) organized crime muscle; 2) gym teacher; or 3) part-time at Blockbuster for these guys after their careers end. Still, I wouldn’t rule out suicide. It’s a pretty steep fall from the heights of CFL stardom (or “make-team-dom” in his case), and not all of these gentlemen can handle it.

Bonus: I can keep this headline around until Maurice Clarett gets out of jail and change the “C” to an “N”. Instant journalism!

In a related note, I guess there’s no need to reshuffle the CFL Dead Pool, as I have never even heard of this guy. I pondered putting some money on Ricky Williams, but he always wears his helmet, even during interviews, so I guess he’s a good bet to stay safe.