(Local GameStop store. Noon on Tuesday)

Me (approaching counter): Hi.

GameStopper: Yes?

Me: Do you have the Batman game?

GameStopper: What do you mean, ‘the Batman game’? There’s about forty of them.

Me: The…one that’s being advertised on the six-foot cardboard cut-out in front of your store?

GameStopper: You mean ‘Arkham City’.

Me: Yeah. The one that came out today.

GameStopper: Yeah, we’ve got it.

Me: Great. Can I have one?

GameStopper: Sure. Last name?

Me: Huh?

GameStopper: Last. Name.

Me: Why do you need my last name?

GameStopper: You did pre-order, right?

Me: No.

GameStopper: (incredulous) No?

Me: I mean…I don’t think so.

GameStopper: Hey Jared! Jared!

(Another GameStopper walks over)

Jared: Yeah?

GameStopper: Get this – this guy just asked me for a copy of Arkham City…

Jared: Uh-huh?

GameStopper: But he didn’t pre-order!

Jared: What? He knows it came out today, right?

GameStopper: Yeah!

Jared: Unreal.

(Condescending cackling)

Me: Look guys, do you have a copy or not?

GameStopper: …

Me: …

GameStopper: …

Me: …

GameStopper: Yes.

Me: Can I have one?

GameStopper: (walks over and picks one up off a pile of fifty)

Me: Wow. Looks like I just made it.

GameStopper: Yeah, well, if this had been a few days from now…

Me: A real nail-biter. Thanks. (walks away)

GameStopper: Whatever. Jerk.

(Another customer walks up to counter)

Customer: Do you have that Batman game?

GameStopper: Which one? You know there’s about forty of them.

Customer: The one on that giant poster sitting directly behind you?

GameStopper: Oh, you mean ‘Ark…

Jared: Elvis! Did that last guy even pay for the game?

GameStopper: (scans up post) AW, FUCK!