As you likely know, Sean Taylor, safety for the Washington Redskins, died recently from a gunshot wound to the leg that he sustained during an incident at his house. Little is known about the situation that led to the shooting of the once-troubled NFL player. Many have jumped to conclusions as to what may have precipitated this horrible act of violence. Not Peter King, though:

We don’t know much about the Taylor story yet. Random act of senseless violence? Doesn’t sound like it, but we don’t know. Simple burglary gone wrong? We don’t know. Sordid past rising up in some sort of revenge attack? We don’t know. So we have to be careful about jumping to conclusions with a story that is in its infancy.

That’s right, Peter. We don’t know. Here are some other things we don’t know:

– A revenge killing by Brian Moorman for a vicious Pro Bowl hit a while back? We don’t know.

– Roger Goodell taking the NFL discipline policy up a notch? We don’t know.

“Call me when it’s done”

– Ray Lewis got the “urge” again? We don’t know.

– Native Americans decide to make an example of him because Washington still won’t stop using the nickname “Redskins”? We don’t know.

– Triangulated cross-fire? We don’t know.

Jim Garrison, our nation turns its lonely eyes to you.

– Shot by a man from Reno just to watch him die? We don’t know.

You’re offended by the suggestion, but we just don’t know.

Simply put, we just don’t know what happened. However, when we list the things we don’t know, it sort of gives credence to them as possibilities when we in fact don’t have any idea what happened. “Sordid past rising up in some sort of revenge attack?” We should really be careful about jumping to conclusions, Peter. And perhaps we should be careful about suggesting them, too.