Yes, warm because of all of the blood dripping from your children.

Usually when you hear about violence at children’s athletic events, it involves parents attacking coaches or referees over something trivial. It’s sad, tawdry and, of course, always entertaining. In Canada, however, we do things a little differently. We like our embarrasing spectacles to be of the bench-clearing variety.

Police in Guelph, Ont., say criminal charges are possible after a brawl at a hockey game involving teams of eight-year-old players.

Six players and two coaches were suspended after Friday’s brawl between the Duffield and Niagara Falls novice triple-A teams.

Staff Sgt. Neal Young says after a fight broke out between players on the ice, both coaches sent the rest of their players over the boards to join in.

Young also said a member of the Niagara Falls coaching staff is alleged to have spit in the face of a Duffield coach.

Criminal charges seem a little severe. Let’s not forget the lessons the kids learned through their involvement in the brawl: standing up for what you believe in, supporting your friends, and spitting.